The last weekend of February this year saw the emergence of a new cannabis competition: the M.O.M. Cup. It was held in beautiful Vancouver, BC — Canada’s cannabis hotspot — in a smaller, private venue over three days. As someone who has attended close to twenty different cannabis competitions and events over my lifetime I’ve seen it all. Or so I thought. More on that later….

A Vancouver Venue (with a Difference)

To start with, the venue allowed us to smoke inside. It’s something that you’d think would be a given, but over the last ten years or so it’s not been that way. Vancouver and BC have some of the toughest anti-smoking laws in Canada. So judges were extremely happy to be able to sit, relax, and enjoy themselves without having to schlep outside to toke.

Overall the venue had a real “old-time speakeasy” feel to it. Even more so in the evening when it was darkened, with just the stage lights on, and hot-boxed to the max. I half expected to see a door with a sliding panel to see who’s on the other side. But I was pretty high.

Where’s the speakeasy door again? (Photography by S Jade Creatives for Twelve High Chicks.)

International Speakers and Panels

We heard from activist speakers and legal experts from Canada, Australia, and the United States, including Adela Falk, Tracy Curley, and Michael Balderstone, to name a few. It was a good mix, and what can be best described as an “International Speakers Panel.” We were presented with a wide range of valuable information from all of the speakers; it was a solid forum.

One of the highlights of the event, and something I was excited to watch, was the cannagar (cannabis cigar) rolling demonstration from the good people at Smiling Buddah. And they did not disappoint, offering a very informative demonstration. I myself am a huge fan of the cannagar and smoked at least five over the weekend.

Cannagar artisans at work. (Photography by EDI - Easterbrook Digital Imaging for Twelve High Chicks.)

Complete Kits and Fresh Dabs

It was also refreshing not to see some of the usual problems cups face, such as incomplete judges’ kits, missing samples, or labels falling off. It was also nice not to see judges’ kits with seven strains of kush, but that’s not always up to the organizers.

The samples were a good variety of sativas, indicas, hybrids, and concentrates. I know some opened their third eyes a little wider that weekend. A full list of the 2017 M.O.M. Cup winners can be found here.

The back room sported a full dab bar with a working rosin press courtesy of Canadabs. It was elbow-to-elbow with event guests the entire weekend. And it was no surprise with fresh-pressed rosin being dished out while you wait. High fives to the good people at Canadabs, that setup was impressive!

Canadabs kept us goin’. (Photography by EDI - Easterbrook Digital Imaging for Twelve High Chicks.)

Munchies, Music, and a Little More

During the day the music was a good mix of artists. The Moons, Ajia and Andrew, handled the DJ duties. They played a great mix and at a volume where you could still carry on a conversation, very social indeed.

Friday night there was a large pile of pizzas brought in. And Sunday we ate a full meal catered by Nuba, a very popular Lebanese restaurant chain here in Vancouver. Some thought it a bit “too ethnic” but most seemed to enjoy it very much. Nuba makes wonderful food, and I’m a regular patron.

Nuba delivered with delicious, vegetarian catering. (Photography by S Jade Creatives for Twelve High Chicks.)

Saturday and Sunday Showcases

Saturday night saw a great lineup of entertainment, with burlesque artists, sideshow acts, and what can only be described as “performance art” … I never thought I’d see a man paint a 4’ x 4’ painting of our Prime Minister using his penis. Something that I’m sure will be talked about for some time whenever anyone mentions Canadian (and Vancouver) cannabis competitions.

The whole room was in hysterics! It was an incredible show that started with the artist, Brent Ray Fraser (link NSFW), taking the stage dressed as a Mountie in red serge. He swooned over a portrait of Justin Trudeau before tearing of his Mountie pants and getting creative on the canvas.

BRF invigorating himself for the “performance art” ahead. (Photography by S Jade Creatives for Twelve High Chicks.)

We saw Pennie Belle/Kitten Puff ride a unicorn onto the stage, and later she was joined on stage by Dana Larsen during a reading of his Green Buds and Hash. With them each reading a different character’s part it worked out very well, judging from the rousing applause afterwards.

Sunday evening, comedians James Hammond and Tyler Brody Stein warmed up the crowd for award-winning comedian, and my good friend, Mike Rita. He had the place laughing like fools before Ajia Moon and Tracy Curley started off the roast of yours truly. Many of those in the room got up to take a good-natured swipe at me. Then Mike Rita got up and had the room in fits of laughter with his comments.

Mike Rita couldn’t just NOT mention Saturday night! (Photography by S Jade Creatives for Twelve High Chicks.)

The 2017 M.O.M. Cup Rating

Now that the whirlwind weekend is behind me and I’ve had some time to evaluate it, I’m giving the M.O.M. Cup a solid five stars. Not because I work for the magazine, but as someone who has been to enough to know what I’m speaking of. And this first-time event went off with barely a hiccup.

I see a bright future for the M.O.M. Cup. Now we just have to hobble our government and we’re all set.

Can’t wait till the next one,  I’ll see ya there!