I have always wanted a chance to write about cannabis, so the opportunity to write for Twelve High Chicks Magazine is a dream come true—thanks to my great friend, Mae Moon, creator and owner of Twelve High Chicks Magazine.

The original plan

In August 2014, I visited Mae and other friends in British Columbia. It was my fourth time visiting and for the fourth time I was greeted with such warmth, happiness, and joy! I am so grateful for my friends; every time we’ve been brought together there’s been some sort of amazing adventure to take part in.

This year’s adventure started with road trip plans to head south into the United States to visit the first day of Hempfest in Seattle, Washington, then to drive down to San Francisco to visit Google Glass BaseCamp. Mae had a mission to buy herself a pair of fancy wearable technology: Google Glass.

We booked a Seattle hotel room online so we didn’t have to waste any of our precious time searching for vacancy. After unpacking and settling at our hotel—Warwick Seattle Hotel—our first mission was to find buds to smoke. Washington State has full-out legalized the recreational use of cannabis but it wasn’t until we got into Hempfest’s huge lineup filled with marijuana lovers that we found someone willing to sell us a pre-rolled joint before entering the festival grounds.

Hempfest - smoke but don’t sell.

Inside, everywhere we looked there were cannabis-related kiosks and booths: live music, glass artists, many snack stands, and so much more. However, we quickly learned that there was no selling or purchasing cannabis anywhere on the grounds. Luckily, there were some generous folks we met who helped us out when we were running low.

The next day, we searched online to find a recreational Cannabis dispensary. The first place we visited, Cannabis City, unfortunately hadn’t received their proper product shipment so were unable to serve us and the other people in the lineup. We checked another dispensary, this one in Tacoma, called Clear Choice Cannabis. This dispensary was absolutely beautiful, and very well set-up but I found the prices absolutely horrifying: $301.00 USD for 14g of Cannabis! Still, we were grateful for legal access to this fantastic medication.

Once we stocked up we kept driving south to Portland, Oregon. There we met our friend James, and out of nowhere—with some last minute planning—James, a US resident, was joining us to head to San Francisco for the week to help Mae Moon buy a pair of Google Glass. Since we’re Canadian we needed an American citizen to purchase them because Google wasn’t selling them to non-Americans.

Part two - to Basecamp
Part three - Home again