We said goodbye to San Francisco and started our journey back to Portland right away to get James back home so he could go to class. Hitting up as many Starbucks as possible to stay awake, we drove the entire day.

That night we stayed in Eureka, California at a tiny non-descript motel; it did the job and was a good enough place to relax from the day’s driving. We puffed a few bowls and smoked some concentrates in their smokers’ area before sleep. It wasn’t that bad for a motel but the next morning I wasn’t upset about leaving.

After checking out we got back on the I5 and headed back to Portland. It’s amazing how driving for such a long period takes so much energy; it was really nice to stop at random rest stops along the American highways and toke—just the right thing to take the edge off.

We finally arrived back in Portland, but before dropping James off we had a goodbye session to remember such an awesome journey. We left him with the glass pipe, some concentrates, and a little plastic herb grinder. There’s no reason to bring that stuff across the Canadian border and risk getting into trouble with the authorities.

Using iPhone maps for our route, we started home to Vancouver. We stayed the night again in Tacoma, Washington at a Super 8 motel. I had quite a sketchy feeling about it once we arrived—the place smelled funny, the people seemed strange, and we were tired—but luckily we met an interesting man there who sold us a couple grams of flowers. I was very grateful because without it I wasn’t going to fall asleep but after smoking one joint I was ready for bed.

We set our alarms very early so we could make it across the Canadian border at a decent time. We smoked our last joint, packed our things, and took off. After a few hours’ drive we arrived at the border crossing and thankfully the line we chose was smooth going.

When we pulled up to the customs officer’s window, we answered a few basic questions and through we went. Mae Moon got her Google Glass, got them legally into Canada, and we were still back in time to chill before Kush Cup 2014.

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