Every February for the past six years I’ve descended upon the Taboo Naughty but Nice Sex Show here in Vancouver. Usually as one of my alter egos, Pennie Belle. Always with Bonerattle Talent as entertainment in various different capacities, or with Pin-up Perfection photography as live model and promo girl.

Many of my friends are also there as either staff, vendors or attendees. Most are dressed to the nines, or dressed very little. There are themes and outfit changes. It’s kind of a big deal for a lot of us.  

It’s always a fun time, usually a lot of drinking and blazing — when responsibility permits.

To help organize the Twelve High Chicks M.O.M. Cup for all of you I scaled back my participation at Taboo 2017 to one day. And if you are only going to do one day, it has to be on the Saturday.

I pulled a nearly twelve-hour shift as roving entertainment with Bonerattle Talent. That meant showing up looking my sexy best, then walking around letting people take my picture if they desired. Promoting my “personal brand,” so to speak.

The Bonerattle Talent table at Taboo 2017 (Photo courtesy of Heather Glasgow).

For the first time since my early years I wasn’t scheduled to perform on stage, so I was able to really take it all in. And I had plenty of time to vape and smoke bowls and joints with my friends.

I also got myself pretty stoned before I left; I was feeling a bit anxious because we were experiencing Snowmageddon here in Vancouver. The power was already out at my place, and the roads were bad.

I was wearing fishnets, knee high boots, and a very large SpiritHood cheetah print coat covering a very tiny piece of fabric that some might call a dress. I wondered how I was going to make it, but then again, the power was out. What else was I supposed to do?

Little dress, large hood … to keep warm.

Needless to say it was a stressful morning, so I smoked a nice indica before I left the house to grab my cab, to calm my nerves.

See, I don’t officially call pot my medicine. I have no prescription because I feel that while I will smoke to calm my busy mind it doesn’t merit me taking up a doctor’s precious time. Especially with how readily available cannabis is for a recreational smoker. I feel as though it diminishes the needs of those people whose ailments do require more consistent usage. I could see why people get prescriptions in less user-friendly places, but I mean … Vancouver.

It’s not all that difficult to find not only your pick of indica, hybrid and sativa, but also choose specific strains, too. We’ve got storefronts everywhere in Vancouver, and we also have access to all the mail order marijuana businesses that work in our country’s legal grey areas. We can have quality BC bud without restrictions placed upon us via LPs, which you need a prescription to order from.

And I don’t need one, as I said. I should be able to smoke some weed to relax. I’m an adult.

And meow! Did I ever adult at Taboo 2017! No, I didn’t pay bills, fold my laundry or vacuum. I received a vigorous lap dance from a very strong, handsome man on the main stage. My first of that sort, and worth every penny.

There’s a first time for everything.

There is also a very large Dungeon there every year, run by Vancouver kink groups such as Sin City Fetish Night, Rascals, and Metro Vancouver Kink. There are rope suspensions, wax play demos, cage dancers, and erotic art. Happily, Bonerattle’s booth for Taboo 2017 was right across from it so I was able to see a lot of friends I hadn’t in awhile. Ah, my perverted people. How I had missed your beautiful selves.

I was also able to catch Brent Ray Fraser’s Show. That man, my God. Sweet as he is handsome. He is also going to be at the M.O.M. Cup, creating some art for us!

Mostly I spent my day with Ziicka, who is Star in Volume 1 and at the cup. And I blazed with Riannaconda, who represents Esthero. She’ll have a couple of burlesque numbers for us Saturday night (February 25th). Roe Butts will be performing too. Another babe.

Teresa Marie, owner of Bonerattle Talent and Roe Butts!

So many fabulous people at our event, these ladies and gent are just the tip of a beautiful iceberg. I’ve even got a little something-something in store for you.

There is so much to see at Taboo, on top of the social side. Seminars, interactive booths, a swinger’s lounge, pole dancers, massages … and sex toys. Lots and lots of sex toys. An adults-only smorg-asm-bord of sex.

So why wouldn’t I blaze all day? It’s all about making adult decisions. 

Riannaconda, Ziicka, Brent Ray Fraser, and Pennie Belle will all see you at the Twelve High Chicks M.O.M. Cup!