Summer’s here, and that means long weekends, cold drinks, and, for some, weather making it too hot to smoke. So we have one of Tracy Curley’s recipes for you to make (or start making) this Cannabis Day long weekend: cannabis infused alcohol, aka cannabis tincture. Whether from a dropper under the tongue, from a spray bottle-spritz in the mouth, or from a sip of a glass, tinctures are a great way to medicate without heat either in the kitchen or from a lighter. While that lack of heat means your tincture won’t be available for July — the mixture takes a month until it’s ready — if you start now you could be sipping canna-cocktails for the August long weekend!

How to Make a Cannabis Tincture with Tracy Curley



  • 750 ml high or overproof, food-safe alcohol (Wrays and Nephew White Overproof Rum or Smirnoff Silver 90-proof vodka work well.)
  • 14 - 28 g cannabis
  • *optional* candy flavouring (Available in the bulk or candy-making sections of most grocery stores or craft stores. To mask the alcohol, cinnamon and butter rum are two of my favourites.)


  • 2 large (approx 1 L) canning jars with lids (The shape of the jars is unimportant since alcohol does not freeze.)
  • Cheese cloth
  • Large bowl or container
  • Funnel
  • Glass jar(s)


  • Place half of your cannabis (7 - 14 g) in each jar.
  • Add 325 ml (half a bottle) of alcohol to each.
  • Seal and place in freezer.
  • Remove jar and shake daily for one month.
  • After one month, strain through cheesecloth, add candy flavouring if desired, and store in new, clean glass jar(s).

Once transferred to storage container, the tincture can be put in a spray bottle and used as a medicinal spray under the tongue.

For a summer treat use your cannabis tincture to make mixed drinks, Mary J-ello shots, or sip it straight over ice. But please, remember that mixing cannabis and alcohol together changes how each may affect you. As they say in the commercials “consume responsibly.”

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