It’s that time of year again when the trees start losing leaves and scarves, mitts and warm jackets start making appearances on the streets of Vancouver. Almost 8,000 kilometers away in Amsterdam the weather may be similar but it also marks a celebration that marijuana aficionados worldwide look forward to… The Annual High Times Cannabis Cupwhich will be held November 23-27, 2014.

This will be the 27th year that this event has been taking place in one of the few places on Earth where the use of marijuana, without a medical license, is actually legal. They certainly have come a long way from 1988 when they only had three judges, compared to the 2,300 they had in 2003. Aside from the freedom to smoke, vape, and eat samples from the vendors, guests are also treated to presentations, daily entertainment and awards ceremonies. This year, Canadians can raise their pipes to toast our very own Marc Emery as he receives the Lifetime Achievement Award.
Although a trip to The Netherlands may not be feasible for all of us, if you are fortunate enough to visit, event details, ticket info, and more can be found on the High Times website. A simple internet search can also help you plan your visit, from the best places to stay to cannabis coffee shop tours. A close friend of mine just returned from Amsterdam and said the staff in the coffee shops are all very professional and knowledgeable in helping to find the right product for the high you’re looking for.
Also available on the High Times website is info and upcoming dates for Cannabis Cups in various cities in the USA. Please keep in mind though that a valid licence to medicate and picture id is required at these events.