Time Travel, three chairs, and bush weed

Finally, the day has come to begin our journey to Australia. We are heading to Sydney first, to attend the (30th annual) Australian skeptics national convention
I am very excited to be having Opus420 and Mr. Vancity attending with me. The marijuana community meets the skepticism community, oh the experiment begins - November 24, 2014

So, just wow. I have flown to Australia many times. Every time has consisted of connecting flights, long layovers, and packed planes. I have never had a direct flight to to Australia until now, and I have never had a flight with both seats next to me unoccupied. How strange it was to be able to sprawl out on three chairs and sleep through most of this 14 and a half hour flight… Its time to get off the plane,

After a 14 and a half hour flight, a small visitors visa blip, we finally made it into Sydney, NSW!!!

We began our journey by heading down to Bondi beach in search of some good weed.

I started off by asking some locals, sorry no luck mate.
then I asked some french tourists, nous n’avons plus de pot, je m’excuse!
Then I asked some cute guy on the hill, no but if you find some, let me know…
then i asked some skaters at the park, seriously!!! skaters no weed???

I was starting to think that maybe Australians didn’t have weed in Sydney??

After receiving a nice email from back at home, the hook up was established….BUSH WEED

and the adventure began….