4/20 2017 was a unique day in Canada. Just a week after the federal Liberals revealed legislation for recreational marijuana, we should have only been celebrating. Instead, advocates and activists were also protesting the ridiculous restrictions this bill introduces. It treats marijuana as more dangerous than alcohol and tobacco, encourages a big-business oligarchy, and won’t protect kids or drive out organized crime.

This Legalisation Ain’t Right

rue to word and true to form
Here we have a bill, fresh-born.
In intent but not effect
Stopping kids from getting wrecked.

Let us not though overlook
Everyone still on the hook;
Getting raided once again
Adults helping adult friends.
LPs get a nice head start
It’s for money not from heart.
Smaller growers still a crime
Ain’t no chance to make up time.
Then there’s “gang activity,”
In a garden industry?
Only ‘cause kids will buy weed/
Now’s harsh time for sharing seed.

Alcohol and cigarettes,
Issues that this bill forgets.
Not so independent farms;
They’ll be blamed for all kid harms.

Recognize in pot a choice
Include too the adult voice:
Getting high but harming none,
Hurting nothing, having fun.
This ain’t right. What can be done?

-Jay Schmoeker 4/20 2017